oil painting, 24 x 16 inches

Hudson Yards Rising, the Shed and the Vessel reflected in front of 10 Hudson Yards.

Frédéric Lère studied sculpture in Carrara, Italy and at École des Beaux-Arts, Tours, France – the city where he was born. He first worked as a comics artist in Paris, and later as a muralist and theater set designer. He set up his New York studio in 1984 and in the Garment district in 2010. His paintings, watercolors, and photographs have featured in many group and solo exhibitions in the US and Europe.

He currently explores New York cityscape after having explored the suburban wilderness of Mohegan Lake. That series led him to explore Manhattan landmarks reflected in puddles, “Mpala Tano” and The High Line. These two last series have been published in a book,“Steps to the High Line + Mpala Tano!” with Blurb.

His interest in cityscapes started in Tokyo with “17 views”, watercolors painted along the elevated tracks of the Tokyo JR Line (2009) that he later turned into oil paintings and 3D models (2010).  Among the “NYscapes” project: train stations along the MTA and Amtrak Hudson River Line.

He contributes his watercolors and oil paintings from around the world to photos of Google Maps,  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

In the streets of New York, one can find the extraordinary: The Frivolous King Lère Show. With its Circus objects, paintings, and bottles inspired by the circus, its menagerie or side-shows, the FKL Show parades from Times Square to the Garment District.


Currently showing at:
– The Vivienne Art Galerie in Paris from September 20 to November 10, 2018 in the group show “30 ans d’exposition Galerie Vivienne”.
– The Galerie Nocogo in La Chartre sur le Loir, France, solo show, from September 22 to November 17, 2018.