Messages in a bottle

Studio 1210, New York


Bengali, the Inhuman Tiger

Bengali, the Inhuman Tiger and Has Been, the Polar Bear hanging out on the walls of studio 1210.

Is winter too hard on traveling circuses?
Are “Has Been”, the Polar Bear, and “Bengali”, The Inhuman Tiger, entered a stage of prolongated hibernation? Since they do not show any sign of life, I am afraid that we are finding out with Simon Fraser that Art cannot float for long on our sea of humanity…

La Bergamote

Bistro-Café in Manhattan
New York

Pâtisserie La Bergamote, 515 West 52nd street

Pâtisserie La Bergamote, 515 West 52nd Street

The mural is 17 feet wide and 8 feet high. Translation of the caption at base of mural: “Delivery of the first bergamot from Calabria, passing by Place Stanislas in Nancy, April first of year 1850”. Eight horses pull a carriage with two conductors and twelve pâtissières. The last of the twelve pastry chefs holds between her fingers the first bergamot candy,  invented by Nancy confectioners in 1850 from the bergamot fruit imported from Calabria. A big mural for a small candy!

Sketch in front of mural, oil on canvas, 24" x 52"

Sketch in front of mural, oil on canvas, 24″ x 52″