Tiger in a Bottle

Cirque d’Hiver
Paris, France

Bouglione in Cirque d'Hiver, photo by Capucine Lance

The Human Tigers in Cirque d’Hiver, photo by Capucine Lance

Spring is in the air. The tiger made it finally to a Bouglione’s show  in Cirque d’Hiver. During intermission, the bottle was handed over to the tiger tamer Redi Montico. He liked the idea of a travelling gift and was wondering how long he could keep it… The answer is only up to Redi Montico!
With the hope to have very soon news of the Human Tigers. May-be from Italy?

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Post by Clémentine L. :

Finally! After spending two months on the shelfs of Clémentine’s parisian apartment, the bottle’s been released! (in the meantime, it’s been particularly appreciated by myself and my friends, so, it was a good cause for me to retain it for so long!) As Fred’s grand father was an aerialist, and that his art is all about circus, he asked me to release the bottle at the Cirque Bouglione. I chose to give the bottle away to the tigre tamer of the Circus, Redi Montico. He now has to perpetuate the trip of this piece of art!