South Manhattan

Springhill Suites
25 West 37th Street, New York

This hotel offered me to paint on June 18 views from their roof and show more of my work in their lobby. Tough, it was raining that day.

Looking south, down to the new World Trade Tower

Looking south, down to the new One World Trade Center

Rusted by a 12 year hiatus in practice of cityscape painting, I went up the two preceding weekends on the roof of the Glass Farmhouse Building to paint radically changed views of Midtown. So many new buildings and such a warmer palette! Check it out on NY City Landscapes.

La Belle Pauline

Message 3 in a Bottle
New York, NY
Three stages to reach the bottom of that bottle. It opens first on the Magician on the centre right (my Grand Father) and his assistants (among them twice my Grand Mother)…
Grand-Père Lère and his Assistants, "La Belle Pauline" repeated twice

Grand-Père Lère and his Assistant, “La Belle Pauline” repeated twice

She was nicknamed “La Belle Pauline” by her artist fans in Montmartre.
More pictures in my website, page Messages in A Bottle, in the FKL chapter. Inside shutters reveal lots of rabbits and again “La Belle Pauline” in red. Wait, she disappears, and 7 doves fly away!