Pauline in Galerie Vivienne

La Belle Pauline @ Vivienne Art Galerie

Message 3, the original
Vivienne Art Galerie, Galerie Vivienne, Paris

At the origin of the 10 copies of “La Belle Pauline” is a work in wood pasted with canvas, painted with oil, 19″ x 15″. It has been invited by Pierre Guimbard and Paul Boulittreau to participate to the collective exhibition “Face to Faces” from May 07 to May 21 in Galerie Vivienne.

I had the honor to present in person, at the opening, the act of my Grandfather Robert Lère and his beautiful assistant, “La Belle Pauline”, my Grandmother.

10 copies have been made in paper of “La Belle Pauline”. Copy 01 of 10 arrived from Tucson, Arizona in the same time that the original in Paris and was trusted to a new Freevolous Messenger, just north of Paris, in Pantin. It’s a long journey…

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