Message in a bottle

Cup Cake Café
New York

The FREEvolous King Lère Show has been put in a bottle and thrown into the web, at 10.25 in the morning of Wednesday December 05, 2012.

Anyone can take it for free, but has to give it away, for free, into the hands and the place of his or her own choice. Just one requirement: its new keeper has to snap a picture of it in its new temporary home and post it to this blog with comments about its new location.

I chose the Cup Cake Café as its launching pad for its warmth, its coffee and the diversity of Mike’s guests: mix of unknown travelers from nearby Port Authority Bus station with local artists and writers, people who for sure would take good care in passing on this Message in a Bottle

Bon voyage!

More about the FREEvolous King Lère Show in its bottle at the end of the FKL Show page.

A first picture arrived at noon, from behind the counter, shot by Mike himself…

It slowly drifted to the marble slab, still shot by Mike…

At 1.00 pm, the Freevolous was still spotted on the slab by Murray Weinstock.

December 10, 2012, 4:00 pm, at Cup Cake Café.
My friend Ellie took the FREEvolous with her. She would like to give it away in Denver, Colorado…


December 17, 2012, 8.31 pm,

Ellie Karanauskas sent me these pictures with her comment:

“I was thrilled to take the bottle to Denver, to the Botanic Gardens, where Denver was celebrating the “Blossoms of Light” holiday festival, and I was celebrating the retirement of a dear friend, and colleague, Eve.

The air was mild, the gardens magical, and it seemed the perfect place and time to toss the bottle into the river of humanity. I tossed it towards Eve, with good wishes for her new life to come. Let’s see where the bottle ends up!

Thanks, Frédéric!
Ellie K.”

5 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. How about moving it to FAO Schwartz Toy Store–This is a wonderful piece of Art!!! We need to think big and this is a big hit!!!! Send them an email with Photo and see how they respond before bringing it to them.

  2. That’s a lovely idea Fred. Can Art float on a sea of humanity for long? I suppose we will find out.

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