La Belle Pauline in ballet class

Message 3, copy AP 2 of 10
New York, NY

In display at the opening of the Frivolous King Lère Show with the Big Apple Circus at Mayson Gallery. On Wednesday, January 22, it took off right away in the hands of Stuart:

AP 2 of 10 ballet


Yes, AP 2 of 10 with the letter in the envelope is on its way to what I hope will be a fascinating journey. The first stop is my daughter’s ballet class (photo attached)
Ballet is very much like the circus, so this first stop is most appropriate. It includes amazing moves that a body can only do with lots of practice and a passion for the genre. Like the circus, music is a corner stone, and the art includes beautiful scenery, intense drama, fascinating leaps and twirls full of precision and grace, dangerous tricks that causes audiences to hold their breath, deep emotion that is expressed and felt by everyone involved, and a way of life that is wonderfully alternative and altruistic (i.e. not an office.) From here, we’ll see how many lifestyles will be in common with these topics. It’s sure to be a journey that will be a true and wonderful experience.
I will take care to ensure that this paper bottle is well treated and passed on to only those who will admire and appreciate its beauty and provide a fascinating journey for which it deserves.
Stuart Krasna