La Belle Pauline at the Office

Message 3, copy 5 of 10
Manhattan, NY

So close to the phone, is the 5th copy of Message 3 sending a message? Does La Belle Pauline need to leave the Office, being in the wonderful company of flowers?

Spring is in the air, at the office

Spring is in the air, at the office

She left my studio on West 39th street, January 30, to send this picture of her from an office on East 42nd Street, April 24…

From the same office came that other photo of La Belle Pauline. We are reassured, she is out of the fish tank!

!0 copies in paper have been made from La Belle Pauline. To know more about her, please visit  Messages in a Bottle and the FKL Show.

2 thoughts on “La Belle Pauline at the Office

  1. The Freevolous Messenger of this copy #5 did not indicate I could give her/his name. I prefer to leave it anonymous. The office is very mysterious, with no apparent indication of any kind of activty…

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