Flowering La Belle Pauline

Message 3, copy 9 of 10
Old Lyme, Connecticut

La Belle Pauline is assured of a wonderful journey thanks to Constanza, her ninth Freevolous Messenger. As soon as she arrived in her new home, she send me this photo and comment:


La Belle Pauline stays wisely indoor

“(La Belle Pauline) Has arrived ! She wanted you to know that she loves Old Lyme. I think her next destination will be Berkeley, California although my three dinner guests last evening were all vying for the opportunity to be the next Freevolous Messenger.
Kisses, Constanza”

Sunday May 11, 2014
Old Lyme, Connecticut

A new photo of La Belle Pauline arrived from Old Lyme, with the following comment:


“(La Belle Pauline) loves that there are decadent flowers in Old Lyme that match her dress. She told me that she would like to stay here a while before moving on to the next Freevolous Messenger. She wants to touch up her makeup in my ridiculously huge bathroom and explore the gardens. She is very happy here!!!
Kisses, Constanza”

As long as she is sending us news, we are happy to see her happy!

May 13, 2014
Old Lyme, Connecticut

Pauline is definitely attracted by flowers:

Pauline in Old Lyme

The photo came with that comment:
“Aha, you did not tell me that La Belle Pauline is a painter. She has totally taken over my studio! Here she is with her latest work in progress.”

The 10 copies of “La Belle Pauline” have found their first Freevolous Messengers. A few did not yet send any message. Their eventual second Freevolous Messengers have not send any message yet…

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