Powder Room
Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

At the entrance of Port Authority Bus Terminal, on 8th Avenue and West 40th street, stands the statue of Ralph Kramden, the fictional bus driver from the 50’s TV series “The Honeymooners, played by Jacky Gleason. I painted the people standing by or sitting there in the series “Waiting With Ralph”. The paintings, each 24″ x 14″ have been pasted together in this new powder room.

Bath Room
Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

A new bathroom with new tiles. A red line on top of the tiles is matched by a yellow line within the murals. Acrobats from the Commedia dell’Arte play with, or under, that line running all around the room.


Private house, Loir et Cher, France

To jazz up a hallway ceiling, Pegasus mural inspired by French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, who visited this private house in the early 20th Century.


Pegasus and clouds

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