The Vessel at Hudson Yards

Since its inception, the Hudson Yards development has been a source of constant inspiration for Lère. The Vessel, Heatherwicks’ centerpiece, is the focus of several paintings, some of which shown at Clio Art Fair, 5-8 March 2020.

In the spirit of appropriation art, a number of the Vessel paintings are borrowing from famous artists, including Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun for Le Métro de la Reine (2019, 24 x 24 inches), Berthe Morisot for Cache-Cache (2019, 24 x 24 inches, Private Collection), and Ernst Kirchner for Crinoline (2019, 24 x 24 inches). 

Le Metro de la ReineCrinoline

Or Metaphysical Vessel, inspired by Carlo Carrà (2018, 24 x 24 inches) and Eiffel Vessel, inspired by Robert Delaunay (2019, 24 x 24 inches).

Below: a folded and open Vessel wooden sculpture, 2018.

oil painting, 24 x 16 inches

Above: Opens Spring 2019, Oil on canvas, 24 x 16 inches, 2018. Private Collection. 

Below: an inverted Veiffel Tower found new legs (Oil on canvas, 58 x 22 inches, 2019).