I started painting New York cityscapes in 2001 from the windows of a loft in Hell’s Kitchen. The neighborhood offered then unobstructed views from the river to Times Square… I set up my easel outdoors for lack of space in my studio, provoking an immediate reaction from passers-by
 while painting along the Hudson River Line. It lead sometimes to friendly encounters that I immediately transcribed on the back of the painting that had originated the discussion. This way, the painting becomes more than just a depiction of the cityscape, it provides context by incorporating the reactions of its inhabitants.

I moved in a studio in the Fashion District in NYC in 2010 to paint larger 3-dimensional cityscapes of Midtown, presented as screens. I continue the practice of outdoors painting in Mohegan Lake, keeping one direction: going west! In Manhattan, going west takes you to the Lincoln Tunnel. And not bother going further, Manhattan landmarks are a world in themselves. Witness of the change brought by the developments around the High Line, a former elevated railroad track converted into a park, I adopt panoramic formats to better seize the scope of that changing New York Cityscape.