Poet’s walk

Overlook pavilion,
Red Hook, New York

On my way to Bard College, to a Saint-Saëns opera, Henry VIII, in the Sosnoff Theater, I found this pavilion which recalls Frank Gehry’s building with its aerial lightness.
The pavilion dates from 1849, the Sosnoff Theater from 2003…

The Vikings

Fort La Latte, 
Plévenon, Brittany, May 9, 2012

Turned into the castle of the King of Northumbria in the movie “The Vikings” that I just watched. Not credited once! Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis have their final fight on top of the tower. Goose bumps when I think they shot the scene there…


Private House in Upstate New York

Sunday, May 20, 2012

After their wedding ceremony in an artist studio, L. and N. had a celebration in this historic house. Behind the large tent, a smaller one sheltered a jazz band.