South Manhattan

Springhill Suites
25 West 37th Street, New York

This hotel offered me to paint on June 18 views from their roof and show more of my work in their lobby. Tough, it was raining that day.

Looking south, down to the new World Trade Tower

Looking south, down to the new One World Trade Center

Rusted by a 12 year hiatus in practice of cityscape painting, I went up the two preceding weekends on the roof of the Glass Farmhouse Building to paint radically changed views of Midtown. So many new buildings and such a warmer palette! Check it out on NY City Landscapes.


Uncle Mario’s
New York Hell’s Kitchen

Rescued on April 13, 2013, at the corner of 42nd Street and 9th Avenue a mannequin from Monetti’s pizza.


Mummified in my studio, its history as well as Hell’s Kitchen’s recorded in hieroglyphic style on canvas strips. Set on a golden base and donated on May 17, 2013 to Uncle Mario’s pizzeria, at 739 9th Avenue, on the occasion of the “Artists in the Kitchen” studio tours.

pizza-man-10Witness to the transformation of Hell’s Kitchen, the mummified pizza mannequin now stands guard in front of the pyramids of Worldwide Plaza.
More about the mummy in NYscapes, the Pizza Mannequin page.

La Bergamote

Bistro-Café in Manhattan
New York

Pâtisserie La Bergamote, 515 West 52nd street

Pâtisserie La Bergamote, 515 West 52nd Street

The mural is 17 feet wide and 8 feet high. Translation of the caption at base of mural: “Delivery of the first bergamot from Calabria, passing by Place Stanislas in Nancy, April first of year 1850”. Eight horses pull a carriage with two conductors and twelve pâtissières. The last of the twelve pastry chefs holds between her fingers the first bergamot candy,  invented by Nancy confectioners in 1850 from the bergamot fruit imported from Calabria. A big mural for a small candy!

Sketch in front of mural, oil on canvas, 24" x 52"

Sketch in front of mural, oil on canvas, 24″ x 52″


Museum of Dominican Man

Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

I played Hide and Seek with hurricane Sandy, arriving in Santo Domingo one day after Sandy hit the island and back in Manhattan one week later. I discovered that the 2 islands share, thanks to Sandy, the same fragility. The watercolor was painted on Halloween Day in the Museum of the Dominican Man. Carnival masks and costumes to fight the Kingdom of Evil!



Painter-in-Residence Program

Bryant Park
New York, NY

Yuka Imata paints every morning in Bryant Park. From August 13 to August 24, she works on a tiny painting, the subject of which is a model sitting under an umbrella. Model and painter are eerily still and silent, in the mist of noisy and busy Bryant Park.