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The Pink Door, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches, 2021

The Pink Door, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches, 2021

In my work, I try to capture the moment before it is gone, whether it is an evolving cityscape, an ephemeral reflection, or a passing phase.

Having lived and worked in the Hell’s Kitchen/Garment District for a number of years, this exciting neighborhood has become an endless painting ground. No need to venture too far away from home: there is always so much to explore, including from my windows!

In November-December 2020, and again in December 2022, several of these neighborhood paintings were featured on the over 1,900 LinkNYC digital kiosks, as part of the Art On Link program, an initiative developed by the City of New York. 


“Fire on 37th Street”, displayed on a LinkNYC kiosk on 8th Avenue, December 2022

“Mantena Reflection”, displayed on a LinkNYC kiosk on 8th Avenue, December 2022

Hell’s Kitchen Garden Rooftop, displayed on a LinkNYC kiosk on Broadway, November-December 2020

House Repair from the Highline, displayed on a LinkNYC kiosk by The Shed, November-December 2020

Hudson Yards and The Vessel were a special focus of interest starting in 2016.  

The ever changing landscape around the High Line invites panoramic views as well as detailed views of the access points to the Park, a series developed in 2015-2016.

New York museums and cultural landmarks, but also signs pointing to the Lincoln Tunnel, are featured in the Mpala Tano 2014-2015 series.

It is in 2001 that I first tried to apprehend a 360º view from windows on the sixth floor of the Glass Farmhouse building. I produced 12 paintings then.  In 2013, I revisited the building’s roof with two views, right and left of 37th Street, looking East. I now use panoramic format.

Each of the twelve 2001 paintings frames a fraction of Midtown landscape, a red compass indicating its position in relation to my loft. Together, eleven of the paintings pan in a 360º circle. The twelfth painting, “Zero”, ends the series. It is based on a watercolor done from the roof of the Glass Farmhouse Building on September 11, 2001, and shows a compass having lost its needle.


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