Messages in a Bottle

The FREEvolous King Lère Show

The FKL Circus has been put in a bottle.
A first time in 2010, with Mrs Hella on the left, a Polar Bear and a Sea Lion on the right, three acrobats and a trapeze artist in the center. It was inspired by the oratories that missionaries were carrying in the Amazonian jungle to convert the Indians.

A new FREEvolous King Lère Show came with a Message In A Bottle in 2012, thrown into the mysterious ocean of the World Wide Web. Launched on display at the Cup Cake Café in Manhattan, on Wednesday December 05, 2012, its whereabouts can be followed on the blog of this site. Anyone could take it for FREE but had to give it away for free…

A second Message In A bottle, Free the Human Tigers! has been launched December 21, 2012. It takes the adventures of the Freevolous King Lère Show to Paris. They can be followed also on the same blog.

The recipient of the Message in A Bottle becomes its Messenger. Was I too idealistic? The bottles too precious to be given away? They are lost, one in Colorado, the other in Paris or in Italy. Their would be Messengers became their Warden.

In a third Message In A Bottle, La Belle Pauline appears in the midst of hundreds of rabbits and then disappears with seven doves…
Lesson learned: 10 prints on paper of this third Bottle have been produced. They are being mailed to whomever offers to be its messenger. The Freevolous Messenger agrees to give it away for free after having sent pictures and comments about it to They are posted on the blog of this website.

A fourth Message in a Bottle presents the 3 Josephines delivering the message “Share the Circus” in and out of the tent of the Big Apple Circus.

The two first missing Messages in a Bottle have been replaced by two new more elaborate bottles. These four Messages in a Bottle are introduced by four large banners, 60″ x 26″.

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